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New graphics

When TPB changes owner in the near future it has been agreed that the new owners will change the logo and some graphical details (although not too much). We just want to inform the people that are upset about their t-shirts, tattoos or similar.

There's also rumours on the internets that the new owners might be interested in getting a logo as a competition. So maybe you should start drawing if you're into that :-)

We know that TPB has a strong following and we're really happy about that. Stay tuned for the old teams new projects!

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Some downtime

We had some down time yesterday. It was due to some power failures in one of the data centres.

This should be resolved now!

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Peter Sunde sues Mr. Kuk

The press representative of The Pirate Bay, Peter Sunde, announces that he is filing criminal charges and lodging a lawsuit for defamation in Swedish court against Mr. Tim Kuik of Stichting BREIN in the Netherlands.
This is a response to the blatant and outrageous claims publically made by Mr. Tim Kuik.
Recently, he has claimed in international press that The Pirate Bay operators and Peter Sunde are engaging in criminal so-called DDoS attacks against the web site of Stichting BREIN.

These statements were made without any form of evidence presented by Mr. Tim Kuik and can only be considered a personal attack against Peter Sunde on purely political grounds, designated to hurt his professional reputation.

We are also researching previous statements attributed to Mr. Tim Kuik that may become additional parts of our complaint.
- "We do not accept any more of the nonsense where anti piracy organisations claim that we have some sort of absurd criminal behaviour. We want people to be aware of all the laws that are broken by our political opponents in order to silence us" says Peter Sunde.

The Swedish court has not yet set a date for the court hearing but Peter Sunde is looking forward to it.
- "I am sure there will be no other outcome for this except that Mr. Kuk will have to make an apology and also pay fines for his crimes".

Stichting BREIN apparantly lodged a lawsuit against Peter Sunde, Gottfrid Svartholm and Fredrik Neij in The Netherlands. None of the defendants was even informed by a court about the hearing which took place two days ago.
- "Today we got information about the hearing after a journalist contacted us. We have sent an angry letter to the district court of Amsterdam about this and we're very certain the court will have to throw the case out the window", says Gottfrid Svartholm.
"None of us live in The Netherlands, operate from there or do even own the site they are suing over. There are so many errors in this lawsuit that it's almost a crime to spend the courts time this way!", says Fredrik Neij.

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...and now we do it again

Yeah, if you thought the last couple of weeks had stopped us, we are pleased to say that we just got back from a well deserved vacation. On the moon, of course. Actually, even though we haven't communicated this as well as we probably have should, our plan is to use th SEK 60M to build us our own moon base.

I mean, as sure as we are of the moon landing beeing a straight up hoax, we are also sure of making our dreams come true. If you have noticed some unexpected downtime the last couple of years it's probably a result of the nonfunctioning ip routing between the moon and your computer. As a matter of fact, our server park has been placed on the moon since the time of the famous raid. Along with our long time BFF Buzz Aldrin we have investigated the possibilities of having our own networking hiq on the moon. This seems to be quite possible, as long a Buzzter is working that al-anon program the right way.

There might be a problem though. Until we moved our servers to the moon we have been depending on Tiamo being sober enough to fix all the problems that are constantly showing up. Now this will probably change to Tiamo getting in and out of his space suit. It's really a pain in the ass, but we will of course take care of this in some way. BTW, here is a pic from our first day up there. It was really a blast.

Tomorrow at 1400 CET we will launch our new explorer shuddle. SS Gouda, also known as "The Tulip" will begin its journey from the Eindhoven space camp base thingy, taking some of our closest friends on a trip they will never forget. Please follow our journey on our live feed!

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The internets needs all of us!

The last days have been quite stress for all of us. We are still (of course) doing this for fun, and we are (of course) really grateful for or cheers and supportive comments. If we ever needed your support, this is now. Or, actually, more correct would be to say that the internet needs YOU!

In these times, when internet legislations and blockades are surrounding us from all angles, we really need to stick together. We need to work the internets as it would be our cute and possibly underages neighbor - gently but with a firm hand. Instead of bashing each other we really have to build the internet as we want it to be.

For example, we and our friends have recently been rebuilding the internets of Iran. Why? Do we take a stand in the recent election? No, not really. We just don't want to see people being slaughtered, and since internets is what we do that is also what we can provide. The systems surrounding the Iran project has now been up and running for a couple of weeks, and we really hope that they have made a difference. Actually we KNOW that they have, and that makes us very happy.

Besides that we are also working on the finishing touches to our anonymizer Ipredator, we continue working on our You tube killer The Video Bay. We are also a part of the internets collective tink tank We Rebuild EU, which focuses at European politics and internetional networking.

Remember this, guys and gals, we really love you all. Together we can build not only a free internets - but the world of our futures. Internets will be what we make of it.

PS: We made this small page some time ago but forgot to tell you about it. Try it out at to use in whatever way you like. Plz pirate us.

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User deletion

We are going to build a user deletion interface later today. Many people have asked about having their account removed and we will not force anyone to stay on of course.

However, we also want to point out that we have no logs of anything, no personal data will be transferred in the eventual sale (since no personal data is kept). So no need to be worried for safety. We always care for that.

It also feels a bit sad to see the comments on the previous blog entry. We understand that you're upset. But we have reasons to do this that we cannot ignore. We need to keep the site going and this is the only working alternative. We cannot finance the growth of the site anymore and we cannot back down. The only way is up and this is the only route to that place.

The support we had, is support we still need. We've been fighting for years for you; and yes; you have supported us in that endevour. We still need you, even if you abandon the site. The important thing is that you keep sharing and keep on saving the internets. We will try to do that, but right now, we need and deserve a break. Some things needs to be reborn and rebooted. Let's make this into something good!

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TPB might change owner

Yes, it's true.

News reached the press today in Sweden - The Pirate Bay might get aquired by Global Gaming Factory X AB.

A lot of people are worried. We're not and you shouldn't be either!

TPB is being sold for a great bit underneath it's value if the money would be the interesting part. It's not. The interesting thing is that the right people with the right attitude and possibilities keep running the site.
As all of you know, there's not been much news on the site for the past two-three years. It's the same site essentially. On the internets, stuff dies if it doesn't evolve. We don't want that to happen.

We've been working on this project for many years. It's time to invite more people into the project, in a way that is secure and safe for everybody. We need that, or the site will die. And letting TPB die is the last thing that is allowed to happen!

If the new owners will screw around with the site, nobody will keep using it. That's the biggest insurance one can have that the site will be run in the way that we all want to. And - you can now not only share files but shares with people. Everybody can indeed be the owner of The Pirate Bay now. That's awesome and will take the heat of us.

The old crew is still around in different ways. We will also not stop being active in the politics of the internets - quite the opposite. Now we're fueling up for going into the next gear. TPB will have economical muscles to let people evolve it. It will team up with great technicians to evolve the protocols. And we, the people interested in more than just technology, will have the time to focus on that. It's win-win-win.

The profits from the sale will go into a foundation that is going to help with projects about freedom of speech, freedom of information and the openess of the nets. I hope everybody will help out in that and realize that this is the best option for all. Don't worry - be happy!

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Judge supposedly not biased

According to the court, the judge Tomas Norström is not to be considered biased.

The court says that Tomas Norström should have informed about his engagement in the different pro-copyright organisations and that it should have been done before the court case. They also say that he's probably more biased towards judging in favor of the rights holder. However - Anders Eka, the person judging here (and has the final verdict) - does not say that this enough for being biased.

Oh. And it should also be noted that Anders Eka, the guy with the final decision that is not appealable, heads in an immaterial rights organisation as Peter Drowsky and Monique Wasted, the MPAA and Ifpi-lawyers. However, he does not feel that working together with the lawyers that enjoys this decision the most has an impact on his decision or that he might be biased himself...

Tomorrow, we will probably file charges against the swedish legal system to the european court of human rights.

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Svensk Tingsrätt

är ju ettskämt, fyra pensionärer och en kanna nybryggt kaffe.

Tre avdankade politiker i 60-årsåldern och en ordförande sitter och dömer att en Lösenordsskyddad server är ett tillgängliggörande för allmänheten, men samtidigt har det ens påbörjats någon utredning om hur APB fick tillgång till denna lösenordsskyddade server? (läs Datorintrång), eller har utredningen lagts ner p.g.a. "brist på bevis" i god svensk polissed?

Hur de förvänta sig att den unga generationen ska ha respekt för ett system som enligt dem inte förstår den enklaste teknik, som de har vuxit upp med och tar en som självklarhet, hur ska de kunna känna att de garanteras en rättvis rättegång i ett sådant rättsklimat.

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Blog post is in Swedish, sorry.

Hej alla medlemmar i Svenska föreningen för upphovsrätt.

Flera av er har hört av sig anonymt om att Tomas varit hos er när ni diskuterat oss som sakfråga. Vi skulle behöva att någon av er var modiga och ställde er bakom det ni sagt, även på papper och evt som vittnen i en rättegång.

Det känns lite desperat - men vi vet att det inte gått rätt till. Därför hoppas vi att ni kanske kan sporra varandra. Våga göra rätt!

Ni vet hur ni kontaktar oss. Gör det igen, snälla! Vi kanske har olika åsikter om upphovsrätt men inte om rättssamhället. Värna om det!

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