We sometimes use different logos for special events. We've put them here for your amusement and to remember the good times we've had!

Happy new 1984! - 31 December, 2008

2009 turns out to be the year of surveillance. We need to fight that!

Our fifth birthday! - 25 November, 2008

Not sure that this is actually the correct day, but this was the day we celebrated!

25 Million Peers - 15 November, 2008

Another world record - we just reached 25 million concurrent peers!

International Anti Piracy Day - 21 October, 2008

Microsoft have their global anti piracy day. We of course need to help out!!

The Jason Bay - 21 September, 2008

Swedish artist Timbuktu released his new single 'Tack för kaffet' on The Pirate Bay!

The Beatrice Bay - 20 August, 2008

Show your love for TPB by sending a letter to the Swedish minster of justice!

The Beijing Bay - 17 August, 2008

IOC pressures the Swedish government to censor TPB. Been in China too long?

The Pirate Bat - 25 July, 2008

The internet knights

Pirate Independence Day - 31 May, 2008

Two years since the raid, we celebrate our independence day!

Tiamo Dirty Thirty - 27 April, 2008

Fredrik turned 30! Congratulations!

Liberty Bay - 25 April, 2008

In honor of the people that will spend hours and hours on the new game....

All your cops - 18 April, 2008

Hollywood buys police officers now!

Sinai - 1 April, 2008

Announcing our move to Sinai, Egypt.

Manifesta7 - 22 February, 2008

The Pirate Bus - We got invited to Manifesta7, a very impressive art event and needed a bus!

Valentines day - 14 February, 2008

Pirates are romantics!

Jubilee - 31 January, 2008

10 million peers. 1 million torrents. 2.5 million registered users. 100 blog entries. Jubilee!

We wouldn't steal - 19 January, 2008

The Greens made a great pro piracy commercial and we of course promote that!

We need help! - 17 January, 2008

When we need help with new stuff, we of course ask our users!

Steal this film 2 - 29 December, 2007

Release of the follow-up movie about piracy, important to watch.

Grammis '08 - 20 December, 2007

We helped out getting one of our favorite artists his well deserved grammy award.

The Global Icon Bay - 20 November, 2007

We won the 'global icon' award from the copy lobby!

The Golden Bay - 1 November, 2007

Following the Familjen campaign we helped release the new album from the great guys in Lamont!

La familia - 24 October, 2007

One of our favorite bands - that releases music for free! - has the chance to win one million swedish if you vote for them!

Walk the plank - 21 September, 2007

So, let's sue them...

The Evergreen Terrace Bay - 27 July, 2007

The best movie release this year!

The Torrent of Fire - 19 July, 2007

Someone leaked our own logo! And we linked to 'and the deathly'...

Pirates of the internetS - 27 May, 2007

A new movie got released, guess which one!

Kopimi Kloting - 25 May, 2007

The return of our beloved merchandise store. - 8 May, 2007

The democratic schlager festival!

North Korea - 1 April, 2007

'Pirate Bay moves to North Korean soil' - 1 april joke!

Music Video - 24 February, 2007

Some friends were making a music video and needed a party to crash and take some shots at, so we went to our users.

OscarTorrents - 12 February, 2007

Promoting the site where you can get torrents for Oscar-nominated films.

Pirates of Sealand - 12 January, 2007

We set up a fund to bring in money to buy the Micronation of Sealand, in order to ensure it's future.

Talk Like a Pirate Day - 19 September, 2006

Watch out for the next one.

Lamont - 20 November, 2006

Lamont, a great swedish pop rock band, put their new single "Rather Do It" on the bay.

Pirate Bay + WESC = <3 - 11 October, 2006

WESC wanted to try out the best distribution channel on the Internets. We're it.

Party Aftermath - 8 October, 2006

So we had a party. It got messy. We didn't feel like cleaning it up, so we put up an ad on the front page.

Steal This Film - 21 August, 2006

The release of the important P2P-documentary Steal This Film featuring The Pirate Bay Crew.

Ladonia Invasion - 25 July, 2006

To show our support for ACFI's great work to bring Internets to Ladonia.

The Phoenix Bay - 18 June, 2006

Like the phoenix bird, The Pirate Bay will always rise again.

The Police Bay - 3 June, 2006

After Hollywood and the US government initiated the raid against our isp, and since the site was back up again after only 3 days, we wanted to make a bit of fun of them.

The Pirat eBay - 21 January, 2006

We wanted to party. And we wanted you to pay for the beer. So we auctioned a night of partying at eBay. Buyer stood for all expenses.

Nice game got released - 24 October, 2005

Guess what got out today...

Merry Christmas! - 24 December, 2005

We wish you a merry christmas, we wi...

The Pear Bay - 20 August, 2005

This doodle is usually linked to search for X86 + developer.. something got leaked out around this time for the Intel platform.

The Grand Theft Bay - 24 October, 2004

For the release of another nice game